Check out our last paperback / digital magazine which focused on Redemption!

The story of redemption is a simple one. Believe, repent and surrender and your sins will be washed clean and you will be made new. That’s how it is between God and man. It is between us humans that it gets more complicated. We tend to question if every and anyone can be redeemed, especially if the wrong they have done was particularly egregious to us or our loved ones. Some question the authenticity of their own redemption given their personal ongoing struggle with a particular sin. In the Easter edition of Family and Faith Magazine we explored the foundational issue of redemption through the eyes of people we hope you can relate to. We also turn the spotlight on other issues such as domestic violence in our main feature with the effervescent and sweet Tricia-Ann Morris. We are also very pleased to share the good works of Christine Haber Ministries International, reminding us that “the kingdom of God is not in word, but in power!” (1 Corinthians 4:20). So turn the pages, enjoy the stories and be reminded that redemption, personal victory and power come from the risen Christ, whom we celebrate in this holy Easter season.

The paperback magazine is still available for sale at Fontana Pharmacy in Jamaica.


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