Family & Faith Magazine Introduces New Sleek, Glossy Edition

Digital Version Available for Subscription Online!  Go here =>   Following a groundswell of positive feedback and requests from a growing fan base both locally and overseas, Family and Faith Magazine will be moving away from newsprint and introducing a new sleek glossy bimonthly keepsake magazine. According to Founder and Editorial Director, Shelly-Ann Harris, “readers haveContinue reading “Family & Faith Magazine Introduces New Sleek, Glossy Edition”

  Welcome to the inspirational Easter edition!  Click here to start reading NOW=> Happy Easter!    Editor’s Note: Bringing Back Things, Dreams and People from the Dead – The Power of Christ I have come to accept that we simply must have faith that things can be different, if we are going to have a brightContinue reading

‘Empowered women take care of themselves, their families and their dreams’   | March Edition March is women’s month and so this edition of Family and Faith Magazine is focused on empowering women. For some women, empowerment means having enough money to pay all their bills, for others it’s the ability to achieve a dream or professionalContinue reading

‘All-encompassing, Absorbing, Frustrating yet Fulfilling Love!’ I’m so very excited to welcome you to our second edition of Family and Faith Magazine, where it is literally all about love. No matter how successful, mature, confident or independent we get, we all have a deep-seated, genuine need to be loved and what better time than Valentine’sContinue reading

Family and Faith Magazine Debuts in January 2015!

Live | Love | Pray | Together On Monday, January 5, 2015, Jamaica will be introduced to a new wholesome monthly lifestyle publication titled Family and Faith Magazine, FFM. Founded by award-winning writer and family advocate, Shelly-Ann Harris, the publication will focus on strengthening family life by sharing insightful strategies and stories grounded in ChristianContinue reading “Family and Faith Magazine Debuts in January 2015!”