Back To School By Faith!


We are sooo excited to go back to school! Well, sort of… We are glad that the children will continue their educational journey but the expenses can be daunting for parents and guardians. However as people of faith we are assured that our Father will provide all of our needs according to His riches in glory. So let’s walk the walk of faith and be prepared to mentor, encourage and guide our children through the 2016/2017 academic year.

To support you on this journey, our Back to School edition features notable Jamaicans ‘going back to school’ to give a word of advice to themselves! It’s quite a treat!This edition also offers some great tips on starting high school and leaving university as well as the inside scoop on the enigmatic Captain ICan! who is a favourite among students across the island, so be sure to share with your kids! On the family life front, the distinguished Dr. Wayne Henry shares his heart on fatherhood, family and faith, we were truly inspired. So dive in and enjoy our issue #10. It’s Back to School!

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Editorial Director & Founder

Shelly-Ann Harris @harrisshellyann

And of course big thanks to our loyal sponsors and advertisers as well as our hard working Back To School Team!

  • Abigail Watson, Child Writer
  • Christopher Brodber, Contributor / Writer
  • Dr. Arlene Rose, Contributor/Writer
  • Warren Harris, Senior Sales Associate
  • Gabre Cameron, Photographer
  • Monique McLeod, Professional Makeup Artist
  • Tamar Henry, Administrative Executive
  • Anna Aguilar, Designer

Family & Faith Magazine Marks First Anniversary with Fun Summer Edition

FFM JuneQuarterly Christian publication, Family and Faith Magazine will mark its first anniversary in June 2016. Published by Breadknife Productions with the support of loyal sponsors the Jamaica Broilers Group and Digicel Jamaica, the magazine has received outstanding reviews from thousands of readers all across Jamaica, the Caribbean, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and many other countries. Below are comments from readers on popular magazine articles over the past year; articles that were discussing matters of faith, love and relationships:

“I would say I haven’t gotten the happily ever after I had hoped for…..almost 21 years ago. But reading these family stories, I am so encouraged to seek God’s will for my life – separated and single parent. I can be fulfilled even in my current status. I need to surrender all to Him!” – Karen

“Very inspiring story … I was encouraged in my own faith walk; thank you for making these type of “local” miracles known – i.e. God is also working in our own Jamaica.” – Keith

“It’s 1:31am and I am up reading …these real life story has really touched my heart …” – Carla

“Quite touching piece. You are an inspiration to others who feels that they are alone with all the negative feedbacks that others have to offer. People sometimes gives up when they feel that they are alone and have no support but because love is blind you have proven to others it’s not what you see but how you feel straight from the heart.” – Maranique

Editorial Director and Founder, Shelly-Ann Harris is thankful for the support the magazine has received over the past year. “It’s been a year since the debut of our glossy magazine format and we are thankful for our hardworking production team, our loyal readers, our partnership with the Gleaner Company and of course our dedicated sponsors Jamaica Broilers group and Digicel Jamaica. To God be glory, great things He has enabled us to do together,” expressed Harris.

The magazine’s main sponsors also had words of commendation for the publication. “We are thrilled to be a part of Family and Faith Magazine. This publication explores and in fact, celebrates what is right with Jamaica,” the Jamaica Broilers Group shared in a statement.

“Digicel is happy to be a part of a magazine that promotes wholesome family living. The values that the articles instill will only serve to have a positive impact on the readers,” notes Elon Parkinson, Head of Public Relations at Digicel Jamaica.

The summer edition of the magazine will be inserted in select copies of the Gleaner in Kingston on Monday, May 30, 2016 and will also be available (for sale) at Fontana Pharmacies islandwide. The digital and web versions also become available on the same date. The theme for the summer edition is fun and features a front page Editor’s Choice story on the exceptional Jewel Resorts; exciting summer activities for kids plus stories of faith from known actress Camille Davis and sensational songstress Samantha Gooden.

Access the FREE digital copy of our summer edition here => Summer Fun!

Easter Brings New Hope!

Easter Edition 2016

The Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ reminds us that we can have new hope in every area of our lives – in our faith, in our relationships with others, in our marriages and of course in the call on our lives. That is why I so love the Easter season. It reminds us of the deep and passionate love that God has for us, the great suffering he endured and that when we surrender our lives to Him, He can and will bring new rays of resurrecting ‘sonlight’ in every single area of our lives.

But we must invite Him and allow Him. I invite you to turn the pages of the Easter Edition of Family and Faith Magazine and let God do a new thing in your heart this Holy season. “Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.” Isaiah 43:19

 Access the digital magazine here => and of course, send us your feedback!

Shelly 2016


Editorial Director & Founder,

Shelly-Ann Harris




Heartfelt thanks to our sponsors, Jamaica Broilers Group & Digicel Jamaica and of course to the hard-working team that worked on our Easter Edition!

  • Bishop CB Peter Morgan, Contributor
  • Anna Brown, Writer
  • Janice Lewis, Writer / Contributor
  • Warren Harris, Senior Sales Associate
  • Gabre Cameron, Photographer
  • Tamar Henry, Administrative Executive
  • Monique McLeod, Makeup Artist and
  • Anna Aguilar, Graphic Designer

Unwrapping the Gift – It’s Christmas!!!

FFM Christmas Cover

Christmas is easily the favourite time of year for most families. The fellowship, food and festivities warm the heart and remind us that among the most important things in life are family and relationships. Of course the main reason for the season is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Most persons accept that Jesus wasn’t born on December 25, but the season certainly presents an opportunity to reflect on the awesome gift that God gave humanity when He sent His only Son into the world so that whoever believes in Him should not perish but receive the unparalleled gift of everlasting abundant life. In all our giving and receiving this Christmas, it is therefore important to embrace the most divine of gifts in the person of Jesus Christ and to enjoy His incomparable love.  It is in that spirit that I am pleased to present the Christmas edition of Family and Faith Magazine from the comfortable Gore home at New Harbour Village III. GoreHouseChristmas certainly involves fixing up our homes and enjoying the company of our friends and family – New Harbour Village gives us a nice canvas to achieve that!

I invite you to turn the pages of our Christmas edition and enjoy the inspiring story of Pastor Junior Tucker and his family; see why one couple delayed sex for marriage, check out our 30 gift ideas for Christmas and much more. Unwrap our Christmas edition and enjoy! Go here =>

On behalf of all of us here at Family and Faith Magazine, I wish all of our readers, sponsors and supporters a delightful Christmas and purpose-driven New Year!


“Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests” (Luke 2:14)

Shelly-Ann Harris

Editorial Director




GoreInterested in a Gore home? For more information on Phase 3 of the New Harbour Village, visit or call 876-927-5323/5816/5555.


Welcome to the August-September (Back-To-School) Edition!


Aug-Sept Cover

Thankfully the hot Summer is almost over and parents and students are gearing up for the new school year. To help families navigate through the varied issues and plans, we are pleased to present our informative, empowering and fun Back-To-School Edition of Family and Faith Magazine. Dive in!

We also continue to provide wholesome discussion and ideas on several family-related topics focused on how to preserve healthy enjoyable relationships. In this issue, we also take a sober look at the Charleston shooting and how our reaction to the atrocious incident reveals our perception and expectations of God.

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Shelly-Ann Harris


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2014.11.27-Strobist-ShellyAnnHarris-0188In a bid to ensure that ALL readers can enjoy the empowering content in its bimonthly publication, Family and Faith Magazine has made almost all of its pages in the digital version FREE for reading online. Effective July 16, 2015, Editorial Director Shelly-Ann Harris says more than 90% of the magazine’s content is available for FREE to readers across the globe.

“Readers will now be able to access and enjoy just about ALL of the magazine for FREE. They will still see a small price for subscription on the cover but that is optional ,” Harris explained.

She added that “loyal readers of the magazine can choose to subscribe to just show their support and to invest in our mission to expose Godly Christ-like values, strategies and ideas for family life. Readers have been asking how they can support us and we are happy to say they can simply subscribe to our E-magazine.”

F&F Mag_June-July 2015_30 Pages_270515To read or subscribe to the June-July edition click here:

The print version of the magazine remains available for sale at Fontana Pharmacies island wide and Seymour Park Pharmacy in Kingston, Jamaica.

Family & Faith Magazine Introduces New Sleek, Glossy Edition

Digital Version Available for Subscription Online! 

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F&F Mag_June-July 2015_30 Pages_270515Following a groundswell of positive feedback and requests from a growing fan base both locally and overseas, Family and Faith Magazine will be moving away from newsprint and introducing a new sleek glossy bimonthly keepsake magazine.

According to Founder and Editorial Director, Shelly-Ann Harris, “readers have been asking us month after month for something to keep over time plus it had always been our vision to produce a glossy edition so we have decided to take that step for our next exciting edition to be published this June.”

Continuing she said that “we have received countless calls, messages and emails from readers all across Jamaica, the US, the UK, Canada and other countries telling us that they immensely enjoy the magazine. We also get calls from persons who use the magazine as a resource with small church groups, so we are both humbled and grateful for the impact of the publication so far.”

By the first week of June, the extended digital version of the bimonthly magazine will be available for subscription online and a shorter version will also be available in Seymour Park Pharmacy and Fontana Pharmacy island wide.

“Furthermore to ensure that our loyal readers who look for us in the Gleaner are not disappointed we will also be partnering with the Gleaner Company to insert a large sum of the magazines in the newspaper, so of course we couldn’t be more thrilled because the Gleaner has a massive readership and following,” Harris said.

2014.11.27-Strobist-ShellyAnnHarris-0188Harris remains thankful for her dedicated team and loyal sponsors Jamaica Broilers and the Jamaica Public Service for their ongoing support “on this journey of promoting and exposing positive Godly lifestyle options and solutions for family life.”

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Easter Cover


Welcome to the inspirational Easter edition! 

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Happy Easter! 


Editor’s Note: Bringing Back Things, Dreams and People from the Dead – The Power of Christ

I have come to accept that we simply must have faith that things can be different, if we are going to have a bright hope for our children and our society. The recent stories of violence, abuse, neglect, death and callousness against our fellow brothers and sisters in Jamaica and indeed across the world, particularly about our women and children, are depressing. Nevertheless, people who believe in God are led to put their hope and trust in the resurrection power of Christ. During this wonderful Easter Season we are reminded that He can love the unlovely, restore the broken and bring back things, dreams and people from the dead. It is with that spirit that I invite you to turn the pages of our Easter edition and put your confidence in Him. Enjoy, reflect, share with your friends and family and of course let us have your feedback:

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Shelly-Ann Harris



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‘Empowered women take care of themselves, their families and their dreams’   | March Edition


March is women’s month and so this edition of Family and Faith Magazine is focused on empowering women. For some women, empowerment means having enough money to pay all their bills, for others it’s the ability to achieve a dream or professional ambition. If we go by Proverbs 31 however, the empowered woman serves God, takes care of herself, her family and does not neglect to take care of her own dreams. As a business owner, career woman, wife and mother I have personally come to accept that real empowerment can only come when we discover the streams of our God-given purpose and allow Him to lead and strengthen us on our journey to fulfilling that purpose. That is why I am very excited about our March issue! In it you will find an abundance of thought-provoking, informative and empowering stuff! Be sure to get the full magazine experience by downloading your digital copy here => 

So enjoy, please share with your friends and family and of course let us have your feedback:

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Live | Love| Pray | Together

– Editorial Director, Family and Faith Magazine, Shelly-Ann Harris @harrisshellyann