He is ‘Full Hundred’ & She is the ‘Proverbs 31’ Wife!

Intentional friendship in a marriage is vital for it long term success; it’s like the oxygen that keeps love flowing. Family and Faith Magazine caught up with beautiful and fun-loving couple, Raymond and Sophia Campbell to glean some insights on how they are keeping their marital friendship alive. Married for 19 years, Raymond and SophiaContinue reading “He is ‘Full Hundred’ & She is the ‘Proverbs 31’ Wife!”

Making the Most of Time at Home – A teenager’s view on COVID-19

I remember walking to my chemistry class about a month and a half ago, feeling stressed, and counting the days ‘till Easter break. This is….or was….or would have been…. a crucial year for me, as subject selection was around the corner, and the workload was becoming overwhelming and increasingly difficult – raising anxiety and stressContinue reading “Making the Most of Time at Home – A teenager’s view on COVID-19”

More Time for the People I Love #COVID-19!

Omar and Roxanne Genas are a breath of fresh love! Married for 4 years and 10 months, the two love birds have an energetic one year old, Josiah and are elated to have more time together at home as a result of the COVID-19 health crisis. Family and Faith Magazine is pleased to share theirContinue reading “More Time for the People I Love #COVID-19!”

God’s Woman provides strong dose of empowerment

Family & Faith Magazine’s Founder & Editorial Director, Shelly-Ann Harris has a released a strong dose of empowerment for women of faith in these challenging times. Leaning on examples from amazing women in scripture coupled with her own inspirational personal experiences, Harris provides insights and strategies for overcoming challenges in the easy to read 7-chapterContinue reading “God’s Woman provides strong dose of empowerment”

Making up with that estranged loved one

With the ongoing health crisis worldwide, many people are forced to slow down, avoid public gatherings and possibly work from home if possible. But some can’t stand the slowing pace of life or being at home because now without the busyness of normal activities, they can now more acutely feel the numbing pain of aContinue reading “Making up with that estranged loved one”

Through Water or Fire – I am an Overcomer!

Through Water or Fire – I am an Overcomer is the empowering theme for the Christmas Documentary Edition of Family and Faith Magazine!  Sponsored by the Jamaica Broilers Group and Breadknife Productions, the Magazine shares two inspiring testimonies of Christian women who have overcome tremendous challenges. Nicole Lalor Ingram, a project manager by profession, is fully healed todayContinue reading “Through Water or Fire – I am an Overcomer!”

Contemplating Abortion, Husband and Wife Needs & Believing Better this Easter!

Welcome to our stories of light and hope for the Easter Season! Learning to believe better, the primary needs of a husband and wife, gender roles and abortion are the main issues we explore this Easter. Holy Scripture tells us that marriage is a mysterious reflection of Christ and his bride, the church. That isContinue reading “Contemplating Abortion, Husband and Wife Needs & Believing Better this Easter!”

Believe Better Things – Believe God!

I try to encourage people wherever I go to join me in a little gesture – raise your index finger in the air, with attitude, and say aloud, “I Believe God.” I do this because I am fully aware that the biggest daily battle people face is the battle to believe better; to believe betterContinue reading “Believe Better Things – Believe God!”