Loving a Husband Through COVID-19: How a wife’s dedication saved her husband from succumbing to the virus

After enduring days of high fever, lethargy, difficulty breathing, loss of taste, loss of appetite and severe weakness, Bradley James was extremely tired, and incredibly, he had lost 20 pounds in less than 10 days. The 7-mile runner had tested positive for COVID-19 after working as a DJ for a party event for some churchContinue reading “Loving a Husband Through COVID-19: How a wife’s dedication saved her husband from succumbing to the virus”

Parental Burnout during COVID-19 | 7 Tips for Parents to Feel Well

Working mothers, fathers and other caregivers are having a really hard time during the Covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, it appears that those who work from home are burning the candle at both ends. They are trying to entertain their children, prepare exciting meals and get ready for back to school where some are dreading the ideaContinue reading “Parental Burnout during COVID-19 | 7 Tips for Parents to Feel Well”

Children, Chores & Independence (Pt. 2): Husbands & Household Helpers

Last week we started looking at how families assign chores to help teach children responsibility and independence. This week we continue looking at how chores are assigned to children and other members of the household. We also see how the assignment of chores is impacted by having a household helper. We have already seen howContinue reading “Children, Chores & Independence (Pt. 2): Husbands & Household Helpers”

Children, Chores & Independence

Did you know that making your bed every morning is somehow linked to improved productivity in the long run, a sense of general well being and the ability to stick to a budget? That’s what Charles Duhigg found in his bestselling book The Power of Habit. Parents have long accepted the enduring value in helpingContinue reading “Children, Chores & Independence”

Father’s Day Edition | Raising Strong Boys and Repairing Broken Men

Raising Strong Boys and RepairingBroken Men is the timely theme for the June | Father’s Day Edition of Familyand Faith Magazine. Shorter than the previous documentary at 22 minutes, this throwback edition features impactful Christian men and their testimonies of faith, fatherhood and restoration. They include: Altano Morgan, manufacturer of ICAN; Robert Dixon, Principal of Operation Restoration ChristianContinue reading “Father’s Day Edition | Raising Strong Boys and Repairing Broken Men”

What Can Families do this Summer?

June marks the beginning of summer but of course this holiday will be different from any other summer in living memory! Older teens will have exams in July and younger kids won’t have the freedom to freely frolic as in previous years. Plus travelling overseas to visit family, friends and exciting foreign destinations is likelyContinue reading “What Can Families do this Summer?”

Mothers, Helpers and Balancing Home & Work during COVID-19

Working women across the world have taken on at least another 2 or 3 homebased jobs during this COVID-19 season – teacher, chef and maid – and this of course while continuing their traditional primary roles of mother and wife. In Jamaica, the burden is no different. However one of the factors that has madeContinue reading “Mothers, Helpers and Balancing Home & Work during COVID-19”

What Husbands & Wives Need from Each Other

Did you know that one of the main reasons people go to see a counsellor is to solve a marital conflict?How is your marriage doing and what are your relationship goals? Today, Family and Faith Magazine takes you to marriage counselling with no less than renowned marriage counsellor and CEO of Family Life Ministries, Dr.Continue reading “What Husbands & Wives Need from Each Other”

God’s Grace After Losing a Baby

How does a woman recover after losing a baby she carried and loved in her womb for 9 months? Moreover, how does she recover after losing more than one of those babies? If we learn anything from one special woman’s story, we learn that it is by nothing less than God’s grace. Family and FaithMagazineContinue reading “God’s Grace After Losing a Baby”