Husband & wife torn apart then pulled back together by God’s grace – Lisa Miller testifies

Growing up with a stepfather and not knowing my biological father led me to feel unwanted and not good enough. I found myself often trying to fit in with the rest of the family. My stepfather was very close to his family, which led to many family gatherings. I would purposely get involved in any way that I could while fighting with the thoughts that I would never be one of them. I never told anyone how I felt. I suffered sexual abuse at the hands of several family members, baby sitters, “friends” of the family, “boyfriends” and strangers. I revealed some of the abuse but was not defended or taken seriously. This led me to keep the rest of my “story” hidden. I felt rejected, alone and unworthy. I wanted to remove myself as far away from the family as I could possibly go; although leaving my brothers behind weighed heavily on my heart. After all, I had been caring for them for a very long time.

I decided to attend college in West Palm Beach, Florida. I did not even realize it was a Christian school. I actually didn’t even know what a Christian was. It did not take me long to realize that something was missing from my life. Observing the many “real” Christians on campus led me to ask questions and surrender my life to Christ at the age of 18 during a Wednesday night student led church service(Nov, 1988). I met my husband Rick in 1989. He introduced me to the Holy Spirit and what it meant to serve the Lord. We married in 1990. Through the years of raising children, being church leaders, owning businesses and Rick being an elected official it took a toll on my mind and our marriage.

Rick did not notice my absence from the marriage until it was almost over. I started to believe the lies from my childhood that I was not loved, unimportant, rejected and unworthy. It went beyond not feeling appreciated by my husband or even my children. I felt as though I was numb just going through the motions. I wanted to escape, mentally remove myself from being a mother, a wife, a friend, everything to everyone. When the opportunity presented itself for “my way” of escape I was hesitant at first, but the pull of removing myself from reality seemed too strong to resist. I was drawn by the attention, believing the lie that I could be something that I was not.

My heart turned against my husband as I sought my acceptance from others outside of my marriage. I felt as though I couldn’t resist the constant pull of “a way” of escape. I soon realized that for once in my life I had “control” of the situation. All the while knowing full well that I meant absolutely nothing to those who sought to steal every bit of morality left in me and every ounce of conscience of who I really was. I spiraled down quickly as I assumed my new role of being “in control’. I allowed my mind to believe that I was no longer worthy enough to be married or to obtain the role of being a proper mother to my children. I went to bed tormented with my new life swarming in my head. I lied to my family, my friends even to myself. I could no longer hide the fact that I was no longer in control. I could no longer hold inside everything that I was doing or thinking.

I confided in a “friend” which led to a series of events which eventually led me to the Women’s Refuge of Vero Beach. My initial purpose of leaving everything and moving into the Refuge was selfish at best. I was once again wanting to remove myself from my current situation. It did not take long for me to realize that my Heavenly Father was waiting on me; waiting on me to finally surrender and allow Him to pour out His love on me. I must be honest!

It was not easy to accept once again that God could love someone like me; damaged goods, a liar, a cheater a fake. I was so full of shame, guilt and wanted so badly to know that I was loved and accepted. My time at the Refuge taught me to rely on Him. My dependence on Christ was made very clear to me. Through his Word, prayer, teaching materials and counseling, I received the healing and acceptance I had desired for my whole life.

My husband, although hurt and angry desired for my healing and deliverance. He sought refuge in the Father as he cared for our 2 children left at home. Our love for each other was made NEW as we both surrendered to the Father and his will. We both made a decision to serve the Lord wholeheartedly regardless of knowing what the outcome would be for our marriage. The Lord restored faith, hope, trust and love. We spent many hours seeking the Lord and trusting Him with our lives as individuals. Our focus was on our heavenly Father and not each other. I cannot even pinpoint the exact time when we both knew that our marriage had been restored. The love that the Father put in our hearts for each other was completely unconditional. My fear of being unwanted and unloved was replaced with the assurance of that nothing can separate me from the Father’s love.

Advice and prayer for those in a broken marriage

My advice to those who are struggling in marriage with thoughts of infidelity or recovering from an adulterous affair, would be to surrender your lives unto the Lord. Allow the One who knows you best, to help you open up and be honest with your spouse. Your spouse has the right to really know you. They chose you above everyone else to spend the rest of their lives with. They have a desire to be loved as well. Trust the Father to help each of you to be honest about your past, your present feelings and your apprehensions about the future.

Father, I come before you and lift up my brothers and sisters in Christ who are struggling with the lies of “who” they are. Help each couple to recognize their significance in you; that your desire for them to be whole is greater than their desire to be loved. Thank you for opening up a way for them to confess their fears, sins and hurt. I know that you will honor their commitment to seek you first and allowing you to be Lord of their lives. Continue to reveal to them your truth and may they know your unconditional love. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Born in New York, Lisa has been married to Rick Miller for 26 years and the 2 have 4 children and 2 unofficial adopted daughters. Lisa is now the store manager at the Women’s Refuge Resale Shop and is currently taking a biblical counseling class in preparation to become a counselor at the Refuge.

Editor’s note: I heard Lisa’s testimony first hand at an amazing Healing Wounds Workshop organized by Pastors Junior and Trudy Tucker’s True Word and Worship Church. Lisa and her husband Rick were vulnerable and generous with the painful details of their story and their powerful testimony of God’s grace. It was an unforgettable thing to observe their deep tender love towards each other, their openness to others who were hurt and struggling and Lisa’s passionate ministry to all who came for prayer and restoration.  May God continue to bless her, her husband, their children and ministry. SAH

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An Outdoor Adventure for your Family

There is an adventure awaiting families in the hills of St. Ann. For one weekend in August, New Generation invites families to escape the commotion of their regular days and enjoy a new rhythm while immersed in God’s creation and connecting with other families.


New Generation Ministries is a non-profit, non-denominational Christian organization which has been in existence since 1985, under its former name, Circle Square Jamaica. We run Christian adventure summer camps, youth leadership camps, couples camps, camps for at-risk teens as well as family camps. We also host camps, rent our campsite and train persons through team building and leadership development sessions. Our programs are designed to use outdoor adventure and Christ-centered programming to help persons grow in their relationship with others and with God.


Our Family Camp is only in its 3rd year but it is becoming a regular fixture on the calendar of some parents. Here’s what one parent had to say:

“My kids look forward to Family Camp all summer. They know they won’t be bored as activities are planned throughout the day for them to enjoy with their friends. They also love sleeping in a tent. I love that at camp they are outdoors all day rather than on their electronic devices. In Kingston, many families don’t have access to large outdoor spaces and our kids spend a lot of time indoors. So when we come to New Generation’s campsite, my kids are excited to have this beautiful natural setting as their playground. As the kids have fun, the parents get to have fun too. There are no airs at family camp. As we relax together in a different environment, we get to shed the restrictions of our role definitions. This way kids get to see different sides of their parents and vice versa. This vulnerability strengthens our bond and helps make our family stronger.”


Family Camp came about as a result of New Generation’s desire to invest in the family unit.  The camp has various components. Families can choose to sleep in one of our platform tents or in a bunk-bed style dorm room. Adventure can be found everywhere – in a huge tree house, by the river or on an adventure course with climbing ropes, chutes, tire swings and much more.


There are break-out teaching sessions catering to fathers, mothers and single parents.  Parents are encouraged to pray with their children and include them in their faith story.  One session required each family to rate how well they were doing as a family in different categories such as: time in God’s Word, kindness, respect for parents and supporting each other’s interests. This time was an eye-opener and ended up being of real value to the families. Unlike at home, the kids had a voice in the group discussion and it was good to hear their perspective on things, as families talked about what they can do to make their family one that pleases God.

One father had this to say: “Family camp is an energizing mixture of adventure and bonding with other families in a beautiful outdoor environment that fosters rest. As a father there are things that you fantasize about doing in Kingston that became a reality at Family Camp – like sleeping under the stars. So each year we venture out to St. Ann for a long-awaited break from our daily routine. We always leave feeling rejuvenated. Our family gets a sense of hope and purposeful pursuit of the future. It’s a short time but at least it happens once per year and we thank New Generation for making it affordable.”


Our hope is to keep making Family Camp an affordable and memorable vacation option where you can grow closer to God and closer to your family. This year we hope to have all 16 family spots filled. To find out more about camp and book your space visit our website at

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Jala, Wade & Their Quiver of 8, So Far


Jala Ridgard doesn’t look a day over 26 years or so. She is warm, youthful, practical, and generous, with a beautiful, easy smile befitting her personality. Maybe it is the love of her adoring, easy-going husband, Wade Ridgard, and the birth of her 8 biological children that keep the 36-year-old looking so young. Family and Faith Magazine was eager to get to know Jala, Wade, and the bounteous Ridgard clan,  so we took the trek up the cool, misty hills of Irish Town, St. Andrew to sit, sup, and share in their lives on a beautiful Sunday afternoon after church.

Jala and Wade have been married for 10 ½ years and during that time they have been blessed with not 1, not 2, not 4, but 8 beautiful children: Isa, aged 9; Hannah, 8; Seth, 7; Luke, 6; Grace, 4;Nailah, 3; Samuel, 20 months; and 2-month-old daughter, Hope. Today’s modern family oftentimes wouldn’t willingly have more than 2 or 3 children, much more 8, but the Ridgards maintain that their lives are ‘not their own’ but rather are submitted and surrendered to Christ, even as it concerns the very personal and sensitive subject of reproduction.


Jala, who is from Kingston, and Wade, from St. Ann, met in 2003 through a shared passion for outreach and volunteerism. Through a conspiring of Wade’s father and a suggestion from Jala’s mother, the two eventually had the opportunity to interact. They were increasingly drawn to each other and became solid friends before ultimately tying the knot in 2004.

“I found that in spite of the fact that at the time I had this commitment to the Lord (to be alone for 2 years) I felt drawn to her instinctively,” shared Wade. Continuing, he explained that “we started seeing each other randomly. (For example) my brother was getting ready for his best friend’s wedding and he would just say ‘Wade let’s go to town.’In the middle of the week, I would go to Boulevard Shopping Centre and Jala would be there, or we are coming for a conference at the (then) Hilton Hotel and Jala shows up there.”  With Wade living in St. Ann and Jala in Kingston,all of these interactions were unplanned. “I became convinced that God was setting us up and creating opportunities for us to talk and to get to know each other,” expressed the doting husband and father.

Surrendering Her Reproductive Capabilities

Coming from families with siblings, both Wade and Jala expected to have children and to build a happy home together. Before they wed,Wade joked with Jala about having as many as 12 children, but the two eventually settled on 4. However, it seems that God had bigger plans for the young lovers. In the early days of their marriage they embarked on a 40-day fast with family friends. Jala shared that during that time the Lord spoke to her about reproduction.

“After we had devotions with them, I heard the Lord say that I want you to surrender your reproductive capabilities to me,”explained the mother of 8 children. “I didn’t know that it would lead us here, but my answer was yes,” she declared.

Her apparent obedience notwithstanding, Jala didn’t immediately stop taking oral contraception, the birth control method she used at the time. It was after learning more about how the pill workedand its negative effects that she eventually stopped taking it.

Asked if she is going to stop at 8 or continue having more children, Jala says she hopes she has the courage to continue to obey. “You commit to living a lifetime as a Christian, you commit to doing whatever the Lord asks you to do, but daily you still have to walk it out. It is like every day you have to make that decision again and again. I guess my answer is that I hope I have the courage to obey Him all the days of my life,” she said humbly.


Her husband is also committed to their chosen path even though at first he questioned if Jala had really heard from the Lord. “At first when she said it to me,I actually doubted that she had heard from the Lord…Yes I wanted children but I wanted to ensure that when the children started coming our relationship was solid and we were prepared in other ways, as well financially and stuff,” he told Family and Faith Magazine.

Wade truly struggled with giving up complete control to God but eventually rested in God’s will. Theoretically, he says, he always knew he didn’t belong to himself but to God and therefore had to obey what he believes the Lord had called him and Jala to do. Ultimately Wade started to learn that living what you believe takes real courage.

“Walking this out was revealing to me how little I really believed it and practiced it.So every time I would be tempted to gripe or complain about how things were working out, how quickly the children were coming, having to deal with the criticisms, the cynical remarks and stuff, every time I try to argue with God about it, or try to get some scheme to regain control, I would hit up on this brick wall, that basically I am a servant and I don’t have the right to my own will,” he confessed.

‘Happy is the man who has his quiver full’

Asked how he feels about having his 8thchild in January 2015, Wade says, “Great! My only concern was that Jala would be ok and once I saw that she is ok, I’m fine.” The courageous couple welcomed each of their 8 children through normal,uncomplicated births with typical labour pains.They are now reaping the fruit of a bounteous family.

Of course, this is not how some view the idea of having more than 2 or 3 children. The family has endured criticism for their choices but they maintain that children are a blessing from the Lord.

“For a non-believer, I get it; my life doesn’t need to make sense to you and it shouldn’t because this walk is with someone they don’t know,” shared Jala. “But for the believer, for me, it is ‘Whose report will you believe?’From Genesis to Revelation, He is saying again and again, children are a blessing, children are the heritage of the Lord. The person is happy who has many, happy is the man who has his quiver full. So He is constantly saying having children is a good thing.So for me, everything points to the fact that children are a blessing and if we really truly believe that, how then can we limit it, because we don’t limit it with anything else that we call a blessing?” she reasoned.

God has shown His ability to provide in so many ways

Raising children in any economy these days can be a serious challenge but the Ridgards declare that God has proven Himself to be their provider again and again. A project manager at Fusion West Indies (a youth outreach ministry), Wade testifies that “God has shown His ability to provide in so many ways.” For instance, while living in Moneague the family was struggling, but after much prayer, Wade says “the Lord spoke to me and said I am going to send you back to Kingston because that is where I have provided support for you.” A few weeks later, he received an unexpected job offer and the family moved to Kingston.

In terms of education, the couple decided to homeschool their happy bunch. Wade, being the more philosophical one, was very attracted to the idea of homeschooling from the get-go, while Jala, the pragmatist, was more focused on the economics.

Initially,“I didn’t want to homeschool,” she admitted. “They go to school, I wave goodbye and I have my day free. I have enough to think about when they come back home. But by that time we had started to feel the financial pinch in 2007 with the financial crisis, so from an economic side it made sense,” explained the practical mother who has the awesome responsibility of planning lessons and teaching the school-aged children. After teaching for quite a while, Jala is now completely passionate about it. “I’m passionate about the results and the good things that come out of doing it myself,” said the university graduate. Jala says she will continue homeschooling for as long as she is successful at it.

Empowerment is making choices with Godly wisdom

Family and Faith Magazine wanted to glean from Jala what she believes empowerment means for today’s woman: “Empowerment is the freedom to be weak, when we really are. We can’t do it all, it is a lie.You can’t do the super career woman, the super mom, super wife and still be sane; it is not possible. I think wehave to make choices and I think empowerment is the ability to make those choices with godly wisdom and stand by it with every breath that you have.”Asked whether each woman should surrender her reproductive capabilities to God, Jala says, “I think we are called to surrender every part of our being to Him; I think we are called to surrender our whole being to Him, bar none.” 

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How Junior and Trudy Tucker navigate Starting a Church, Raising a Family and Loss

Tucker family

Several years ago Jamaica came to know Junior Tucker as the sensational reggae crooner turned Christian artiste. Few however know that he is now an ordained Pastor who has served for over 15 years in various ministry capacities in churches in the United States and in November 2015 launched True Word and Worship Church in Kingston, Jamaica. The anointed preacher, pastor and worship leader is married to his lovely wife Trudy and the two have been blessed with 5 beautiful children – Chyna, Zoe, Paige, Laila and Judah. Family and Faith Magazine caught up with effervescent Tuckers to talk church and family life.  Although they have countless joyous testimonies to share about the goodness of God, they have also had to weather excruciating experiences that have led them to put their trust fully in God’s sovereignty and His grace.

Foot-Stomping, Easygoing Church on a Friday

A typical Friday evening at True Word and Worship Church in New Kingston is always easygoing, energizing and relaxing all at the same time. With worship led by Pastor Tucker who is normally donned in jeans, sneakers and a long sleeve shirt, attendees can be seen on their feet singing and dancing in praise and eventually enthralled in heartfelt anointed worship. The worship session is followed by a practical sometimes hilarious sermon, prayer and oftentimes prophetic words for individuals who go to the altar for prayer. Parents can take their children along with them to church and experience a little break since in an adjacent room, all the kids are hosted by Trudy, a trained teacher by profession and her daughter Paige, a gentle mentor for the younger children. It’s certainly not typical to go to a full church service on a Friday night but the fun, fellowship and freedom are certainly what more and more people are searching for at the end of the work week. But how did the idea of planting a church come about?

Prior to returning to Jamaica, Pastor Tucker studied Theology and Psychology in the United States of America and served as Pastor, Preacher and Worship Leader in several churches. Through a series of prophetic words and his own sensing of God’s call on his life, Pastor Tucker was lead to return to his homeland to plant a church. Still, he admits that becoming a Pastor was never his plan. “If 13 or 14 years ago, you told me that I was going to be a pastor, I’d laugh… but the bible says that every step of a righteous man is ordered,” Tucker shared.

Explaining the meaning of the church’s motto No Perfect People Allowed, Pastor Tucker said, “One of the mistakes that we make is trying to get perfect before we come to church so I am saying no, come, we will help you towards perfection as we ourselves are being made perfect. So it is Christ who does the perfecting and he uses the church to do it.” He added that catering to the whole man is intentional in his ministry and that life application is a key approach used during his sermons.

Marriage and Family Life

Tucker 2Although Trudy, a trained teacher by profession, is a devoted behind –the-scenes supporter of Pastor Junior’s ministry, he wisely maintains that she is not married to his calling. “One of things you don’t want to do is to make someone feel that because they are married to the person they are also married to the calling. She (Trudy) is not married to my calling. Because what you don’t want her to do is now be in something that she is not called to do and is frustrated and then end up being miserable in our marriage and in our life,” shared Pastor Tucker, noting that this is why he specifically asks God for her specific calling so that her passion can also rise.

No doubt the Tuckers will continue to minister the word of God and the church will grow, but Family and Faith Magazine was keen to determine how they are managing family life, especially with the notion that Pastor’s kids are oftentimes  wayward and troubled. Trudy emphasized that is very important to stay involved in the children’s lives; in their music, the TV shows they are watching and so on. Through a close relationship, parents have ‘entrance’ to truly discuss and influence their children’s decisions, Trudy counsels.

Pastor Tucker adds that a key discipline for him is seeking and listening to the Lord as it relates to family matters.  “I know for me, being the head of the house, anytime I act like I’ve got this I am always in trouble, so I always have to consult Him (God), pray, find out what His word says about the situation I am dealing with or the family and He leads and I follow Him and then everybody walks with me.”

He also recalls discussions he’s had with fellow Pastors who were themselves children of Pastors. He asked them how they would raise their kids differently. He recalls those Pastors sharing that: “My parents sheltered me from the world so much, the moment I became free to leave the house I ran into it (the world), I wanted to find out what I was missing. So what they have done is they have had to walk with their children through the things of the world and so what I get from that is that they will watch TV with them, listen to what they are listening to and talk about it.”

The doting parents are also excited to share how God has blessed their lives with miraculous provision and healing. They fondly tell Family and Faith Magazine how God delivered on a promise to their firstborn, Chyna. “When my oldest girl, Chyna was 2 years old, her mother pointed her finger at her and said you are a getting a full scholarship at one of the best colleges in America and I’m going to pray and I’m going to ask God to bless you and she spoke it over her life and she kept on doing that and many nights she would lay hands on her and pray. Many times Chyna would ‘act up’ as a teenager and she (Trudy) would speak it over her life and call it (into being) and say you are what God says and God says you are going to specifically get a full scholarship and we saw it come to pass.”

Chyna is now second year at a university in the United States on a full scholarship. She was one of only 400 teenagers in the USA who was chosen for the scholarship.

Losing a Child and Remaining in Faith

You would never be able to tell by just looking at the joyous Tucker household, but just 4 years ago, they lost their second child, Zoe to a major illness. Accepting that the experience must have been excruciating and knowing that they still are charging forward into God’s plan for their lives, Family and Faith Magazine wanted to simply find out what Pastor Junior and Trudy left the situation knowing.

With tears streaming down and her voice quivering, Trudy points to “A tangible experience of God’s grace. There are days when you just don’t want to wake up or any regular person would probably be in depression or just can’t go any further. But then you know that there is something carrying you, literally just carrying you; you can’t explain it, cause when you should be down, you are up, you know that the fruit of the spirit is real – there is joy and there is peace.” Indeed Trudy’s experience brings meaning to the popular song – one set of footprints in the sand.

“For me is that He is sovereign,” started Pastor Junior. “I asked the Lord why did He allow her to die and He never answered me for quite a while and then one day I was in the kitchen and I heard the voice of the Lord speak to me. He said to me ‘do you love my grace’ and I said ‘yes Lord’. He said to me, ‘what is grace?’ and I said ‘Grace is undeserved favour’. He said ‘you love my grace don’t you?’ I said ‘yes Lord’. He said you’ve never questioned my grace. Then he said to me, who can question my grace when I give it? I said ‘nobody Lord.’ He said, ‘In order for me to give grace I must be sovereign because only a sovereign God can give grace. But you love my grace but you don’t want to love me when I am sovereign. In order for me to grant grace, I must be sovereign.”


While his reverence for God has grown tremendously, Pastor Junior admits that he remains heartbroken. Nevertheless, the man of God continues to hearken to the voice of the Lord and pursue His will. Recently Pastor Tucker launched a new 12-track island worship album, Jesus Famous and hosted a worship party at New Kingston Shopping Centre. Speaking to his evolving journey as a Gospel artiste and Pastor, Tucker said that God alerts him when it’s time to embark on another musical project. “These songs come and I wrestle with them lyrically, I get the melody, I get the songs together…and put the album together,” he explained passionately noting that he is simply a channel for the delivery of God’s heart to the body of Christ. SAH

Dr. Wayne Henry on Faith, Family and Fatherhood

Family and Faith Magazine had the privilege and pleasure of interviewing the erudite and affable Dr. Wayne Henry, new Director General of the Planning Institute of Jamaica on matters of faith, family and fatherhood. At the end of the process, we developed a new sense of admiration for this humble man of God. May His testimony inspire other men to “press the pedal of their potential!” Enjoy our discussion below.


Family and Faith Magazine: How important is prayer in your life?

Dr. Wayne Henry: Prayer is extremely important. With the word of God (the Bible), prayer forms the core of my Christian life and experience.

Family and Faith Magazine: What role does faith play in your life as a respected professional, as husband and father?

Dr. Wayne Henry:  At the risk of sounding very spiritual, the Bible says that the just shall live by faith (Hab. 2: 4, rom. 1: 17, gal. 3: 11). I have found that to be true in my life. Faith in God has become a way of life, governing the expanse ranging from my day to day expectations, to the long-term outcomes I anticipate for my life, the lives of family members, friends, the future of the country, everything. Isaiah 26: 12 (nv) says that all that we have accomplished, the Lord has done for us. So whether it is in goal-setting, being armed with the right attitude, in striving for excellence, moving on from failures and disappointments, or achieving favourable outcomes, for me it’s all about faith in a loving God. “Trust in the lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will direct your paths (prov. 3: 5 – 6).

Family and Faith Magazine: What do you love most about being a father and why?

Dr. Wayne Henry: Being a father is a tremendous privilege and a huge responsibility. There are many things I love about being a father. Among them, I love the opportunity I have with my wife to build a loving family, to partner with her in demonstrating love, setting example and building a home. Many things… but I think I love most the deep love and joy I experience through my relationships with my wife and children. They are truly a blessing from the Lord.

Family and Faith Magazine: What are the 3 most important functions you believe you must perform as a good father?

Dr. Wayne Henry: The 3 most important functions as a father are: (1) to be present (spend quality time with your children – more than things, children want your presence). This also enables (2) to model – set example for them – live before them.  Demonstrate love, hard work, discipline, faith in God, service to others.  Don’t just dictate but demonstrate. This is part of mentoring. (3) motivate – encourage them in their purpose, speak to their potential, the power that lies within them. Encourage them that they have what it takes to live their life fully.

Family and Faith Magazine: If you could go go back in time and offer advice to your 16 year old self, what would you say?

Dr. Wayne Henry: Give God full control of your life, there is so much good that he has in store for you, according to his purpose. Give him that permission and that chance to unfold what he has in mind for you, what he has destined from long ago. There will be mountains and valleys, heartaches as well as rejoicing, sunshine as well as dark days. But in the end all things work together for good to them that love God and are called according to His purpose. Allow God, invite Him in, and fasten your seatbelt as you press the pedal of your potential.

Dr. Wayne Henry is the new Director General of the Planning Institute of Jamaica. He has been married to his beautiful ophthalmologist wife, Gail for 9 years. He has an older son, Mathew (28 years). Together Gail and Wayne have 2 children, Joshua (7 years old) and Gabrielle (5 years old).

Rescued & Redeemed into Sweet Fellowship with Jesus – Tricia-Anne Morris Testifies

When Family and Faith Magazine sat with Tricia-Anne Morris to discuss her journey, we couldn’t help but be enamored by the sweetness of her refreshed spirit and her willingness to be vulnerable for the glory of Christ. The self-proclaimed ‘Jesus Chaser’ shared openly about her past struggles and how the Lord Jesus rescued and redeemed her and put her on path of purpose to help others.


Family and Faith Magazine: You describe yourself as a ‘Jesus Chaser’, share with our readers what that means on a day to day basis.

Tricia-Anne Morris: Chasing Jesus means doing whatever I can to deepen my connection to Him. So I do simple things like say good morning when I wake up as I would any loved one. We also talk throughout the day like Father and daughter – when I need advice, a shift in my mood and a word of encouragement. Then sometimes there are those moments when I need to apologize to Him (and the person I offended) because my attitude, reaction, or thoughts were un-Jesus like. I also tell Him thanks throughout the day and let Him know how grateful I am for life, my family, my business, lessons learned etc. I do devotions. I’m not a morning person so I do my devotions at lunch time or before bed. My devotions will include reading and meditating on the Bible, praying, listening to worship music. More importantly, it’s when I learn a whole lot about Him. Outside of devotion time I may listen to gospel music or watch sermons.

Family and Faith Magazine: Share one example of how you’ve experienced redemption from sin in your own life?

Tricia-Anne Morris: I remember going through a very rough patch in my life. And that rough patch left me struggling with low self-esteem and mild depression. I didn’t know Jesus then. I didn’t know how to turn my sadness into joy with His help. The hole in my heart was huge and nothing I did would repair it. So I turned to sex, partying, and promiscuity. However, once I became a Christian and accepted that I had been redeemed, had a new life, and was made a new creature, my life and perspective changed dramatically. Because of His redemption I felt like a brand new white suit. I’m talking tailor-made, dry cleaned, steam-pressed, crisp full white suit, white buttons – everything white. I felt like everything that was wrong about me, every situation that had hurt me, everything I did wrong had vanished (was wiped clean from my story) because of Jesus’ blood and death.

Family and Faith Magazine: You were in a broken abusive relationship, what has God shown you about abuse and how women should treat men and men women?

Tricia-Anne Morris: A man is supposed to love his wife as Jesus loved the church. Jesus died for the church, protected the church, provided for the church. This is the model husbands should follow. As such, husbands should never intentionally harm their wives. Furthermore they should protect her (keep harm away from her) and provide for her.

As I prayed about my own situation the Lord showed me that I was also wrong in the relationship. He made it very clear that abuse was wrong. So He wasn’t saying that I deserved it. He was merely saying that I was wrong too.

Ladies, in our efforts to see things run smoothly and care for our family we (women) sometimes usurp the man’s authority. If the man has no money and we go ahead and pay the bills without having the conversation with him first, we’re usurping his authority. The primary responsibility of providing for the home is his and unless that conversation is had and we’ve both agreed…we’re undermining his authority and disrespecting him. We’re saying he’s incapable. Funny thing is we often don’t mean anything by it. We’re usually just trying to help out but that still doesn’t make it right. A wife should always be on the same page with her husband and to do that she needs to have that conversation – the one that includes him and shows him that he matters and is the man. Another example is asking him to do something, say fix a pipe, and because we don’t think he’s getting around to it fast enough, we call for the plumber without having that conversation – usurping his authority.

You know the key I learned from the Lord as we talked through and I self-evaluated is that I am not meant to be the man in the relationship. Don’t get me wrong. I do believe that I can do what a man does in a professional capacity, academically, and even earn what he earns. That however will never make me a man. And I am very happy being a woman. So I have come to realize that his roles are his and mine are mine and I have to respect his as much as he needs to respect mine. Took me a while to understand that, particularly because I never realized that what I was doing was wrong. Nevertheless I’ve since learnt and very much appreciate the lesson.

Family and Faith Magazine: How is self-control important in determining if a man has a tendency to abuse his partner?

Tricia-Anne Morris: Self-control is having the discipline to control your impulses, emotions, thoughts and behaviours. Someone who lacks self-control doesn’t have that discipline. Yet in marriage both persons have to be mature enough to know when to compromise, to agree to disagree, and not ‘be right’ even when you are right. When you lack self-control it’s hard to do these things that are so critical to keeping the marriage together and keeping the peace. A man (or woman) who lacks self-control is more likely to give in to the impulse to argue a lot, ‘blow his or her top’, and as you can imagine over time that may lead to abuse.

Family and Faith Magazine: What is your advice to women in a physically abusive relationship?

Tricia-Anne Morris:

  1. The first thing you ​ought to do is find a safe space. One where you’re out of harm’s way.
  2. Next report it to the police​. ​Especially if he has threatened you or you feel threatened.
  3. You should also tell a close friend, family member and/or pastor (someone trustworthy and dependable). This is​ very​ important because you’ll need someone ​to check up on you and act as your accountability partner​. Your accountability partner is the person you can trust to talk sense into you in the event you contemplate going back under the circumstances and/or you start to blame yourself. ​
  4. It would also be good if you found a prayer​ group to share with. ​A space where you’re free to speak openly, honestly and confidentially. Verbalizing your pain, concerns, fears etc. will help you get rid of the ‘toxins’ from the relationship.
  5. ​You should also ​get ​professional ​help. See a pastor, therapist, or counselor ​- someone that can help ​you get over the ​spiritual, psychological and emotional ​trauma​. ​A great place for counselling is WOGIS Ministries International.
  6. ​Finally, do things that will accelerate your healing process. ​My suggestions:
    1. Forgiv​e yourself quickly
    2. ​Stay away from the blame game. Blaming yourself is wrong, there is no two ways about it. Even if you were the worst wife ever, he was wrong to abuse you.
    3. Forgive him quickly. Hating him ​is a great way to stay stuck. Anger and hate are energy depleting mechanisms. Make every effort to let go and move on!
    4. Also once it’s safe to do so, make every effort to live again…  Take on a hobby, invest in courses, volunteer, join a church ministry, and/or get involved in community service… Getting involved will empower you which in turn will build your self-esteem. If you don’t get involved you may find yourself sinking further into depression and feelings of insecurity.​
  7. ​Keep your distance from him, his friends and/or family members until you are sure it’s safe to be in a shared space with him/them (if at all). Being in the same space may put you in harm’s way again. Doing so can be very risky. Also unless your spouse has sought help and can show overtime that he is a better man, he’s not ready to be with you. It is a risk you’ll have to assess seriously and only after YOU have also sought help and are in a much better place. A weak you will not hesitate to go back, even if it’s not safe. Be keen to listen to the advice of family members, your pastor, accountability partner, and prayer group. If they are opposed to you seeing him then it’s probably best not to.

My rule of thumb is: He’s not ready to change if he hasn’t sought prolonged professional help.

Family and Faith Magazine: How has your painful past helped you to find your true purpose?

Tricia-Anne Morris: God is so amazing. As I went through my healing process I became empowered and then I became excited and eager to share what I had learnt and found in my search to a better me. So I started to think of ways to help other women and then I found myself being led by God in a particular direction. It was less about me seeking stuff out and more about Him taking me on a journey. Out of that journey came my book but it still felt like there was more. So I prayed more, fasted and just submitted it all to Him. In no time the ideas came flooding and the doors started opening. The truth is, as I opened up more and more to the idea of helping women, God cemented for me what my purpose is. So now I do success coaching, business coaching. I’m author, radio host, business consultant, blogger and I host an annual conference for women. In fact, my key target is women. What’s funny is that I’m now writing a book about finding purpose based on the ‘formula’ as it were, that God gave me.


You can purchase Tricia-Anne’s book on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble You may also get in touch with her directly via email at or follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @triciaanneymorris

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CHRISTMAS is about giving and forgiving!


Christmas is about giving and putting others first, in the same way that God through Christ gave His only begotten Son so that whoever believed in Him would receive the gift of eternal life. Christmas is also about reconciliation and forgiveness, first between God and mankind and second amongst ourselves as people living together in families and community.

Let’s be sure to embrace those core values of Christmas this season and stay true to the power of the Lord’s amazing intervention into our lives through the virgin birth so many years ago. I invite you to turn the pages of this empowering Christmas edition, enjoy the stories and features and apply the truths that are relevant to your life. The ‘We will be re-united with Dominic’ feature is especially heartwarming and instructive for those who are grappling with the loss of a loved one during this time.

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On behalf of all of us here at Family and Faith Magazine, I wish for you a peaceful, meaningful and holy Christmas. May God’s presence and power be made manifest in your lives now and throughout 2017!

God bless you!

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Family & Faith Magazine Marks First Anniversary with Fun Summer Edition

FFM JuneQuarterly Christian publication, Family and Faith Magazine will mark its first anniversary in June 2016. Published by Breadknife Productions with the support of loyal sponsors the Jamaica Broilers Group and Digicel Jamaica, the magazine has received outstanding reviews from thousands of readers all across Jamaica, the Caribbean, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and many other countries. Below are comments from readers on popular magazine articles over the past year; articles that were discussing matters of faith, love and relationships:

“I would say I haven’t gotten the happily ever after I had hoped for…..almost 21 years ago. But reading these family stories, I am so encouraged to seek God’s will for my life – separated and single parent. I can be fulfilled even in my current status. I need to surrender all to Him!” – Karen

“Very inspiring story … I was encouraged in my own faith walk; thank you for making these type of “local” miracles known – i.e. God is also working in our own Jamaica.” – Keith

“It’s 1:31am and I am up reading …these real life story has really touched my heart …” – Carla

“Quite touching piece. You are an inspiration to others who feels that they are alone with all the negative feedbacks that others have to offer. People sometimes gives up when they feel that they are alone and have no support but because love is blind you have proven to others it’s not what you see but how you feel straight from the heart.” – Maranique

Editorial Director and Founder, Shelly-Ann Harris is thankful for the support the magazine has received over the past year. “It’s been a year since the debut of our glossy magazine format and we are thankful for our hardworking production team, our loyal readers, our partnership with the Gleaner Company and of course our dedicated sponsors Jamaica Broilers group and Digicel Jamaica. To God be glory, great things He has enabled us to do together,” expressed Harris.

The magazine’s main sponsors also had words of commendation for the publication. “We are thrilled to be a part of Family and Faith Magazine. This publication explores and in fact, celebrates what is right with Jamaica,” the Jamaica Broilers Group shared in a statement.

“Digicel is happy to be a part of a magazine that promotes wholesome family living. The values that the articles instill will only serve to have a positive impact on the readers,” notes Elon Parkinson, Head of Public Relations at Digicel Jamaica.

The summer edition of the magazine will be inserted in select copies of the Gleaner in Kingston on Monday, May 30, 2016 and will also be available (for sale) at Fontana Pharmacies islandwide. The digital and web versions also become available on the same date. The theme for the summer edition is fun and features a front page Editor’s Choice story on the exceptional Jewel Resorts; exciting summer activities for kids plus stories of faith from known actress Camille Davis and sensational songstress Samantha Gooden.

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