About Us

Family & Faith Magazine hopes to share light and hope by showing how a relationship with Jesus can positively impact family life and the attendant demands of marriage, parenting, relationships, work-life balance, serving the community, among other areas.  The magazine has editorial direction from family advocate, guest columnist, TV producer/presenter, communication expert /consultant and award-winning writer, Shelly-Ann Harris.


President and Founder of Family and Faith Magazine, Shelly-Ann Harris

Family & Faith Magazine’s objectives are to:

  • Share true stories of victorious living through faith in Christ Jesus
  • Encourage persons who are searching for a better way to improve marriage and family life
  • Provide insight on how to address family and relationship issues
  • Offer insight and practical strategies for general fulfillment.

We strive to meet these goals through the efforts of our beloved team members and contributors:

  • Indi Mclymont Lafayette, Writer/Contributor
  • Anna Brown, Writer/Contributor
  • Pastor Christopher Brodber, Contributor
  • Gabre Cameron, Photography
  • Warren Harris, Business Support & Partner
  • Monique Mcleod, Professional Makeup
  • Tamar Henry, Administrative & Logistics Support


We appreciate and value that you may want to help us stay afloat by making a donation. May God bless you abundantly for your thoughtfulness!

charitable donation

Family and Faith Magazine is committed to sharing stories of how Christian faith can positively impact family life and the attendant demands such as marriage, parenting, relationships, love, work-life balance, serving the community among other issues. Your donation will help us to keep going! Thank you!



We also continue to be thankful for our loyal sponsors – Breadknife Productions, the Jamaica Broilers Group and Mo Creations.


cropped-ffm-logo2-1.gifFor more information, please send an email to familyandfaithmagazine@gmail.com. 

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