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Live | Love | Pray | Together

The Family & Faith Magazine Website is a new and improved multimedia website connected to the beloved quarterly paperback and digital magazine, which has focused on how Christian faith can positively impact family life and the attendant demands such as marriage, parenting, relationships, love, work-life balance, serving the community among other issues.  This website will also focus on these important areas but of course will be more interactive! Go ahead and check out our  empowering top 5 stories and uplifting menu options.

The magazine and website have editorial direction from family advocate, Guest columnist and communication expert /consultant and award-winning writer, Shelly-Ann Harris. Produced under Breadknife Productions’ publishing arm, the objectives of Family & Faith Magazine are to:

  • encourage positive family-life experiences
  • provide insight on how to experience a joyous fulfilling family life for all family types
  • raise awareness and provide Godly solutions for various family-related and relationship issues
  • provide practical Christian / Bible-based strategies/tips for general fulfillment.

We strive to meet these important goals through the efforts of our beloved team members:

  • Indi Mclymont Lafayette, Writer/Contributor
  • Anna Brown, Writer/Contributor
  • Christopher Brodber, Contributor
  • Gabre Cameron, Photography
  • Warren Harris, Business Support & Partner
  • Monique Mcleod, Professional Makeup
  • Tamar Henry, Administrative & Logistics Support
  • Anna Aguilar, Design

We also continue to be thankful for our beloved sponsors – Breadknife Productions, the Jamaica Broilers Group and Mo Creations (professional makeup).


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Live | Love | Pray | Together

For more information on Family and Faith Magazine paperback, send an email to familyandfaithmagazine@gmail.com. 


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