Just Keep GOING!

I prayed big strong confident prayers that morning. I asked the Lord to make the lines short and to grant me preferred parking as I made plans to renew 3 of my daughters’ passports. I got to the parking lot and it was full to the brim. But as I drove in a great spot just opened up out of nowhere and then another. I smiled and parked and proceeded to the passport office. I smiled again, there were only 2 persons in line. God is not only good, but He also works miracles in 2022! I went up to the window to have the documents processed. And lo and behold, I knew the agent at the desk and caught up for a minute. Then she started to review the forms. “Your JP seems to have signed the wrong date when certifying the documents,” she advised. “What does that mean?” I asked. She proceeded to offer me 3 new blank passport forms. I stopped smiling.

We stepped outside the building and I called my JP friend who thankfully was available and at home at a time when she would normally be at her office. So, we drove hastily to her home, got the new forms completed and went back to the passport office. The parking lot was full, again, except for 1 nearby spot seemingly hidden from everyone else and waiting for us. We hurried into the building since it was near closing time, and this time no one was in the line. Thank God. I smiled a little. I went up to counter for the forms to be processed. It was a different agent but equally thoughtful and thorough. “Miss, your JP didn’t include the number of years she knows the children.” I felt like I was in some kind of prank. We weren’t. “What does this mean?” I asked. She didn’t proceed to offer me 3 blank forms. Instead she wrote a note for the attention of the JP to enter the number of years and to sign again at that line. Unbelievable.

“Are you sure that there is nothing else missing from the form, could you check?” I asked exasperatedly. She took them all back and went through with her red pen and then confirmed that it was only the number of years that was missing and reiterated that it must be inserted by the JP and the JP must sign at the line where the years are entered. (In other words, I shouldn’t yield to temptation to go outside, input the years myself and come back in).

We again exited the passport office. My daughters and I were distraught. But three words came into my spirit as we stood in the parking lot, “just keep going.” So, we did. I called the JP again, who had left her home at the time but serendipitously was on her way back. I told her what happened and after expressing dismay and distress about the whole situation, we had a good laugh. I again met her at her home. By the time we were finished, it was too late to go back to the passport office. I will go back by the end of the week, I said to myself.

The next day however I got a nudge in my spirit to go back. So, we did. We went and again I got excellent parking in a bustling parking lot. I smiled. We went into the passport office, but this time it was full. Just about every chair was taken. But within a minute the agent called us to the counter. She took the documents and fiddled with her red pen. We collectively held our breaths. Then she asked, “what kind of service do you want, regular, express?” We exhaled with relief knowing that all was now well with the forms.

She gave us another ticket to go into an area for further processing. Before I could enter the door of that other building, we heard our ticket number being called on the intercom. Wow. That was fast, we thought. About 20 persons were seated and waiting but we went straight to the counter and the documents were further processed, stamped and collected etc. Within a few minutes that agent then sent us to the cashier to pay. Again, no one was in the line. So, we went right up, paid, had friendly banter with the cashier and left, smiling and downloading the life lesson in all this.

When we pray our big confident strong prayers it sometimes doesn’t go according to our plan. I did get great parking and short or no line. That is a miracle in and of itself at the Passport Office. But of course, it wasn’t as seamless as I envisioned. And so is life. This whole scenario taught us that God is in the details and is oftentimes whispering, “just keep going” when things don’t go as planned. The going is your faith in action. I have found that God will carry you, show you favour and make a way for you, even when you or other folks in your life make mistakes, fall short or forget important things. So, lets continue to trust God and just keep going this year.

Shelly-Ann Harris is the author of God’s Woman and the Goodies on Her Tray. She is also the Founder of Family & Faith Magazine.

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