What Can Families do this Summer?

June marks the beginning of summer but of course this holiday will be different from any other summer in living memory! Older teens will have exams in July and younger kids won’t have the freedom to freely frolic as in previous years. Plus travelling overseas to visit family, friends and exciting foreign destinations is likely to be a no-no. So what can families do this summer? Well, if the Government goes ahead and reopens the economy and the COVID-19 virus continues to be contained, there may be a few activities that can keep the family happy and engaged with the world in the upcoming holiday!

  • Road trips – pack the car with food, sanitizer, masks and change of clothes and take the family on road trips across our breathtaking island! There is so much you can still go out and see while of course continuing to wear a mask and maintaining proper hygiene.
  • Start a home garden together and see the beauty of watching something grow! It’s a great reminder that even though so much is out of our control, we can still sow, reap and experience the wonders of life. Peppers and tomatoes are easy to grow and reap in 2 months!
  • Use those smartphones and tablets to capture videos of all that adventure and make family movies. Add those movies to your blockbuster hits for family movie night at home!

Do you have any cool ideas for how to keep the family happy and engaged this summer? Comment below!

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