He is ‘Full Hundred’ & She is the ‘Proverbs 31’ Wife!

Intentional friendship in a marriage is vital for it long term success; it’s like the oxygen that keeps love flowing. Family and Faith Magazine caught up with beautiful and fun-loving couple, Raymond and Sophia Campbell to glean some insights on how they are keeping their marital friendship alive.

Married for 19 years, Raymond and Sophia have two children – Naomi, 11 years-old and Nathan, 13 years old. Raymond, a sales consultant, and Sophia, an HR Executive and author of Life Lessons Devotional & Journal – A 14 day Journey still delight in each other after almost 2 decades.

FFM: What do you love most about your husband?

Sophia: Commitment – I call him “full hundred”. His favorite bible verse found in 1Corinthians 13 is “LOVE NEVER FAILS”. A good example of this was when I went through and especially difficult career challenge. Raymond was committed to seeing the process (over 2 years) through alongside me, so much so at the end of it, he was recognized a “Consultant” on my team. He never waivered in his commitment to me and I am very grateful then and now.

FFM: What do you love most about your wife?

Raymond: I love her passion for God, me and our family in general. She shows this every day in the way she encourages us all to set goals, for example, spiritual, personal/academic, the expansion of our talents. Music (violin) for Nathan; Dancing (ballet) for Naomi, Ministry and co-author for me. Also, with her entrepreneurial spirit and drive, she spearheaded the creation of Nathan’s Violin Solos for our son & Naomi’s by Design (custom jewelry business with our daughter Naomi). She helps us to all reach for
higher heights in all areas of our lives as individuals and as a family as well! I am, we are truly blessed to have her in our lives. She is our Proverbs 31 wife/mother!

FFM: Describe 2 things that you each intentionally do to keep your friendship thriving in your marriage?

Raymond: Because I know Sophia loves dancing, I would take her out to Waterfalls on a Thursday night at least once a month and we would just enjoy each other’s company, look forward to both sharing time together eating fritters and soup and of course dancing.

Secondly, I purchase her favorite desserts – fruit and nut ice cream and chocolate ever so often.

Sophia – I make “lunch time” calls and we share the events that have occurred so far in the day and secondly I do impromptu lunch time dates!

FFM: What advice do you have for married couples whose friendship has waned?

Sophia & Raymond:

 Continue to do the things you use to do for each like when you first met and improve upon it.
 Be honest in communicating with each other in a loving and respectful way.
 Be able to laugh at and with each other – keep your sense of humor alive! Don’t be afraid to seek Godly counsel such as a mentor, a senior married couple or counselor.
 Finally, don’t sweat the small stuff, always open your heart to forgiveness and reconciliation, because LOVE NEVER FAILS!

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