I Miss School

Zoe-Marie and Sarah-Rene Harris share their stories.

I really miss school. It was so much fun, but Coronavirus is making everything boring.

At school, I would always go on the playground after lunch time. We also got candy when we answered questions correctly in class!

I had lots of friends to play with. We played boys versus girls – it was so much fun! We use to play hide and seek, ‘mamma lashi’ and other things! Now we have to stay home because of the Coronavirus.

At least I can see my friends on Zoom when we have classes online.

Still, home isn’t that bad though. When I finish my work I can go on the phone or play with my baby sister, which is fun!

Sarah-Rene is 9 years old

I had just started high school and was finally settling down when a pandemic was declared and all schools were shut down.

At first I was happy for the break so I could catch 2 extra hours of sleep in the

Although I can wake up later now and wear my own comfortable clothes, I miss many things about school.

Plus I prefer learning in school rather than online classes because my teachers make me want to learn.

But I mostly miss interacting with my friends and I hope that Corona doesn’t infect anymore people so that everyone can go back to their normal lives.

One thing I really enjoy about being at home though is getting to eat way more food and spending more time with my mom who has to work from home.

Zoe-Marie Harris is 12 years old

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