Through Water or Fire – I am an Overcomer!

Through Water or Fire – I am an Overcomer is the empowering theme for the Christmas Documentary Edition of Family and Faith Magazine! 

Sponsored by the Jamaica Broilers Group and Breadknife Productions, the Magazine shares two inspiring testimonies of Christian women who have overcome tremendous challenges.

Nicole Lalor Ingram

Nicole Lalor Ingram, a project manager by profession, is fully healed today following a terrifying diagnosis. “I was diagnosed with a CSF leak which the condition where the fluid would leak from the brain so …once that leaks out then the brain starts sagging in the back of the neck,” Nicole explained to Family and Faith Magazine.

Nadine Blair

The second testimony comes from Jamaican media personality, singer, author, the well known and loved Nadine Blair. Nadine shared with Family and Faith Magazine a surprising long time struggle with not feeling good enough. “It took me years to come to a place of accepting me for who I am. I am black, I am dark skinned and I have big nose and big forehead. It was a real struggle growing up,” the gospel sensation confessed.

Both women shared exciting testimonies of how God’s power and grace have helped them to overcome their personal struggles.

This Edition of Family and Faith Magazine also features exciting gospel trio Levy’s Heritage which is made up of the talented children of Jamaican gospel veteran, Lubert Levy. Oshin, Ovando and Oneil Levy shared their refreshing journey as young Christians in ministry.

President and Founder of Family and Faith Magazine, Shelly-Ann Harris wants viewers to be encouraged and gain strength to overcome their own life challenges.

“We wanted to showcase the power of the Christ of Christmas in empowering believers to overcome difficult circumstances. We hope the Magazine will give the urgent and important gift of hope on this wonderful day and throughout this blessed season,” she said.


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