What Husbands & Wives Need From Each Other

Did you know that one of the main reasons people go to see a counsellor is to solve a marital conflict?

How is your marriage doing and what are your relationship goals?

This Easter, Family and Faith Magazine takes you to marriage counselling with no less than renowned marriage counsellor and CEO of Family Life Ministries, Dr. Barry Davidson, who reveals that 40% of engaged couples who come to see him eventually decide not to get married. 40%. Wow, 40%! It’s certainly not an easy road.

But it also means that 60% are prepared for the journey and to get the tools they need to succeed. Part of that help involves understanding the needs of your spouse.

Dr. Davidson explains that a happy marriage is where you have needs fulfillment; where both husband and wife understand and strive to meet each other’s needs.

So, what are those needs?

“What husbands will tell you is that if their wife initiates lovemaking it has the ability to transform a mundane black and white existence into living glorious technicolour and so that is a very important need for most husbands.”

“(A wife) she needs to have a husband who is going to play his part in providing financially and assisting the family financially not necessarily to make more money than her but she wants him to pull his weight because she doesn’t want to think she has a big son.”

For the complete list of 5 primary needs of a wife and husband, listen to Dr. Davidson’s interview with Family and Faith Magazine below and tell us your thoughts!

Dr. Davidson has talked a lot about needs and expectation, listing what can and should be done to sweeten a normal marriage relationship, but what about those relationships that are not quite normal? Family and Faith Magazine asked the family counsellor if any marriage beset by any issue could be saved?

Here is what he said.

Do you agree?

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