“Big Bold Beautiful Love” – The Story of Pastor Chris & Michele

Family and Faith Magazine recently released its heartwarming Christmas Video Edition under the theme, Big Bold Beautiful Love, focusing on how the marriage relationship mirror’s God’s love for humanity. Featuring the inspiring love story of Pastor Christopher and Michelle Brodber, the new Christmas Edition is sure to give you ‘all the feels.’

“Listening to Chris and Michelle share about their love for each other is refreshing and is a timely ‘shot in the arm’ for any marriage that has gone lukewarm. Furthermore, their story brings to life the meaning of the scripture that speaks to how a man and his wife symbolizes the passion that Christ has for the church. It is poignant and refreshing,” notes President and Founder of Family & Faith Magazine, Shelly-Ann Harris. Sponsored by the Jamaica Broilers Group and Stewarts Auto, the magazine will be released on Youtube and Facebook platforms today, November 29.

In the newly released edition, Michelle gushes that, “He (pastor Chris) is everything that I prayed for and everything I dreamed of in terms of a mate,” noting that she is committed to making sure that her husband, who expends much as a pastor, is always well in his spirit. “I have the magic, I know how to make him laugh,” Michelle beams.

Her man of the cloth husband is equally passionate about keeping her content. “I make personal sacrifice to show that I am here for you, to let her know that you come first,” he remarks with pride and joy while seizing a moment to teach that “love is perceived not by words said alone but more so by sacrificial actions done.”

The video also features renowned family psychologist – Dr. Barry Davidson who points spouses back to God’s original intent for marriage.  “It says in Genesis chapter 2, verses 24-25 for this cause shall a man leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife,” Dr. Davidson reminds, listing severance from parents, permanence in the relationship and sexual intimacy as key pillars of marriage. “The purpose is to bring about healthy families and as we know healthy families will bring about healthy happy nations,” he admonishes.

Making the connection between love in marriage and the love God showed through the birth of Jesus Christ, the video magazine highlights themes such as intimacy, exposure, sacrifice and commitment. Dr. Davidson also emphasizes giving as another significant theme.

“One of the things that we need to recognize is that Christmas is a time of giving, it’s a gift that God gave, when Jesus came into the world… And I think marriage is more about giving far more than it is about getting and so if a husband is giving to his wife and wife is giving to her husband…they will both end up getting,” the family psychologist counsels.

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