‘Women Who Love Jesus and Live in His Power’ Easter Documentary!

Family and Faith Magazine has released an inspiring documentary for Easter, 2018, titled – Women Who Love Jesus and Live in His Power.

Replacing our customary print edition for the Holy Season, the documentary showcases the compelling testimonies of 6 outstanding woman: Lisa Stiebel, Architect; Dr. Anthea Henderson, Lecturer; Keody Thompson, Realtor; Valerie Kerr, Lecturer and Pharmacist and Joan Fletcher, Attorney-at-law and Co-pastor of Transformed Life Church.

In addition to gripping testimonies on miraculous healing, marriage reconciliation and deliverance from depression, the 45-minute documentary highlights the exciting lessons the women are learning from God in this season of their lives; tackles feelings of unworthiness among women and explores Easter time in Jamaica, among other themes. There is also a special feature on the amazing work being done by ‘God’s helpers’ (social workers) for the mentally ill at Bellevue Hospital.

President and Founder of Family and Faith Magazine, Shelly-Ann Harris, is excited about the new project. “It has been such a humbling and overwhelming experience listening to each exemplary woman testify of God’s power. Humbling because what else can you do when you behold God’s power at work in people’s lives? And overwhelming because God’s glory was so evident and so strong,” Harris, who also directed the project, expressed.

Shelly 2016

Additionally, she noted that, “Yes the documentary is all of 45 -minutes but it is time well spent! We invite families and friends to get together during the holidays, watch the documentary together and be blessed.”

Watch Now!

Happy Easter!

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