CHRISTMAS is about giving and forgiving!


Christmas is about giving and putting others first, in the same way that God through Christ gave His only begotten Son so that whoever believed in Him would receive the gift of eternal life. Christmas is also about reconciliation and forgiveness, first between God and mankind and second amongst ourselves as people living together in families and community.

Let’s be sure to embrace those core values of Christmas this season and stay true to the power of the Lord’s amazing intervention into our lives through the virgin birth so many years ago. I invite you to turn the pages of this empowering Christmas edition, enjoy the stories and features and apply the truths that are relevant to your life. The ‘We will be re-united with Dominic’ feature is especially heartwarming and instructive for those who are grappling with the loss of a loved one during this time.

And of course, send us your feedback!

On behalf of all of us here at Family and Faith Magazine, I wish for you a peaceful, meaningful and holy Christmas. May God’s presence and power be made manifest in your lives now and throughout 2017!

God bless you!

Shelly 2016



Editorial Director & Founder

Shelly-Ann Harris



A big thank you to our sponsors, advertisers and hardworking team for their support for the Christmas Edition and throughout 2016!

  • Nia-Ashley Harris, Child Writer
  • Judah Nathan Lewis, Child Writer
  • Abigail Watson, Child Writer
  • Anna Brown, Writer
  • Christopher Brodber, Contributor / Writer
  • Arlene Rose, Contributor/Writer
  • Warren Harris, Senior Sales Associate
  • Gabre Cameron, Photographer
  • Monique McLeod, Professional Makeup Artist
  • Tamar Henry, Administrative Executive
  • Anna Aguilar, Designer
  • Shelly-Ann Harris, Writer, Editorial Director

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