Back To School By Faith!


We are sooo excited to go back to school! Well, sort of… We are glad that the children will continue their educational journey but the expenses can be daunting for parents and guardians. However as people of faith we are assured that our Father will provide all of our needs according to His riches in glory. So let’s walk the walk of faith and be prepared to mentor, encourage and guide our children through the 2016/2017 academic year.

To support you on this journey, our Back to School edition features notable Jamaicans ‘going back to school’ to give a word of advice to themselves! It’s quite a treat!This edition also offers some great tips on starting high school and leaving university as well as the inside scoop on the enigmatic Captain ICan! who is a favourite among students across the island, so be sure to share with your kids! On the family life front, the distinguished Dr. Wayne Henry shares his heart on fatherhood, family and faith, we were truly inspired. So dive in and enjoy our issue #10. It’s Back to School!

And of course, send us your feedback!

Shelly 2016


Editorial Director & Founder

Shelly-Ann Harris @harrisshellyann

And of course big thanks to our loyal sponsors and advertisers as well as our hard working Back To School Team!

  • Abigail Watson, Child Writer
  • Christopher Brodber, Contributor / Writer
  • Dr. Arlene Rose, Contributor/Writer
  • Warren Harris, Senior Sales Associate
  • Gabre Cameron, Photographer
  • Monique McLeod, Professional Makeup Artist
  • Tamar Henry, Administrative Executive
  • Anna Aguilar, Designer

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