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Welcome to the inspirational Easter edition! 

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Happy Easter! 


Editor’s Note: Bringing Back Things, Dreams and People from the Dead – The Power of Christ

I have come to accept that we simply must have faith that things can be different, if we are going to have a bright hope for our children and our society. The recent stories of violence, abuse, neglect, death and callousness against our fellow brothers and sisters in Jamaica and indeed across the world, particularly about our women and children, are depressing. Nevertheless, people who believe in God are led to put their hope and trust in the resurrection power of Christ. During this wonderful Easter Season we are reminded that He can love the unlovely, restore the broken and bring back things, dreams and people from the dead. It is with that spirit that I invite you to turn the pages of our Easter edition and put your confidence in Him. Enjoy, reflect, share with your friends and family and of course let us have your feedback:

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Editorial Director & Founder

Shelly-Ann Harris




One thought on “

  1. Keith says:

    Very inspiring story … I was encouraged in my own faith walk; thank you for making these type of “local” miracles known – ie God is also working in our own Jamaica.


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