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‘Empowered women take care of themselves, their families and their dreams’   | March Edition


March is women’s month and so this edition of Family and Faith Magazine is focused on empowering women. For some women, empowerment means having enough money to pay all their bills, for others it’s the ability to achieve a dream or professional ambition. If we go by Proverbs 31 however, the empowered woman serves God, takes care of herself, her family and does not neglect to take care of her own dreams. As a business owner, career woman, wife and mother I have personally come to accept that real empowerment can only come when we discover the streams of our God-given purpose and allow Him to lead and strengthen us on our journey to fulfilling that purpose. That is why I am very excited about our March issue! In it you will find an abundance of thought-provoking, informative and empowering stuff! Be sure to get the full magazine experience by downloading your digital copy here => http://joom.ag/waOb 

So enjoy, please share with your friends and family and of course let us have your feedback:

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Live | Love| Pray | Together

– Editorial Director, Family and Faith Magazine, Shelly-Ann Harris @harrisshellyann


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