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Shelly-Ann January SmileIt’s a New Year and with it comes a new opportunity to embrace a fresh, godly perspective on the things that really matter in this life. Every one of us, no matter our current circumstances, where we come from, the colour of our skin or how much money we have in the bank, has a deep-seated need to belong and to matter.  We generally feel like we matter when we are doing the things we are ‘called’ to do and are making a contribution in the world. A sense of belonging however has more to do with the relationships that we form and oftentimes the most impactful of those relationships are found in families.

Regrettably, because of the many social ills in our society and in our world, the family, as a secure, loving space designed to engender whole, responsible, happy people who have a sense of belonging, is under strain and needs significant reinforcement and support. That is the main purpose of Family and Faith Magazine (FFM). This new, monthly lifestyle publication is designed to provide practical tools, encouragement, empowerment and insight on how we can build stronger families and communities that will Live | Love | Pray | Together.

Grounded in Christian principles, FFM is focused on how faith can positively impact family life and the attendant demands of marriage, parenting, relationships, love, work-life balance, serving the community, nation-building, among many other issues.

In our inaugural edition, I invite you to reflect on the quality of relationships in your life and commit to making them stronger and more enjoyable. Share in the exciting story of the fun-loving Redwoods and their amazing balancing act of raising 4 beautiful children while keeping their man and wife passion alive; receive Chris Brodber’s exhortation to avoid arguing before your children; give yourself another chance to manage your money God’s way, and take the FFM challenge! What about the age-old question of being ‘unequally yoked’? Dive into the discussion on whether the worldly husband and Christian wife can really be happy together, and check out how the genders feel about marital rape in “He Said, She Said”. Of course, you simply must check out Dr. Barry Davidson’s sage advice on What Makes A Marriage Last.

The FFM pages are packed with these and much more, so dig in, enjoy, and of course let us have your feedback. For a limited time, you can access the complete magazine FREE in digital format here or browse this website for the main features.

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We are thankful for the faithful team behind FFM and our courageous sponsors – Jamaica Public Service (JPS), Digicel Jamaica, Gabre Cameron Photography and others – who have helped to make this publication possible. May God bless you richly.

Friends, it is the season for new beginnings; let us seize the opportunity to honestly assess the relationships in our lives and see how, with Christ, we can do things, not only differently but victoriously!

Live | Love| Pray | Together

Shelly-Ann Harris

Editorial Director & Founder

Family and Faith Magazine

Next issue: Monday, February 2, 2015



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