Family and Faith Magazine Debuts in January 2015!


Live | Love | Pray | Together

On Monday, January 5, 2015, Jamaica will be introduced to a new wholesome monthly lifestyle publication titled Family and Faith Magazine, FFM. Founded by award-winning writer and family advocate, Shelly-Ann Harris, the publication will focus on strengthening family life by sharing insightful strategies and stories grounded in Christian principles. Harris who leads the FFM team as Editorial Director explained the mission of FFM. “Sadly, because of the many social ills in our society and in our world, the family, as a secure, loving space designed to engender whole, responsible, happy people who have a sense of belonging, is under strain and needs significant reinforcement and support. That is the main purpose of FFM.”

“This new, monthly lifestyle publication is designed to provide practical tools, encouragement, empowerment and insight on how we can build stronger families and relationships,” explained Harris noting that the magazine’s mantra is live, love, pray, together.

Commenting on the social and spiritual needs that the publication will address, Pastors of Transformed Life Church Dwight and Joan Fletcher said that “People want to experience Christianity which gives inspiring examples, is relevant to their lives and situation, and demonstrates integrity. We believe that Family and Faith Magazine will fulfil all these by the articles and features carried in each issue, even as it makes room for the individual’s voice through its vox pops and polls.  This publication has the potential to impact our nation, helping to reinforce moral virtue and build healthy families and communities.”

Welcoming the impact that the magazine will have on family life in Jamaica, CEO of the National Parenting Support Commission, Dr. Patrece Charles lauded the FFM team. “I wish to commend the editorial team of Family and Faith Magazine for what is sure to be a great resource for strengthening parenting and Jamaican families,” said Dr. Charles.

The new monthly magazine, which will be published in the Gleaner newspaper every first Monday in tabloid format, has received strong support and sponsorship from several entities including Breadknife Productions, Digicel Jamaica, Gabre Cameron Photography and the Jamaica Public Service Company among others.

“Digicel is very pleased to be a part of this extraordinary project that will undoubtedly have a positive impact on families and communities in Jamaica. We believe that Family and Faith Magazine is a great initiative that can indeed pave the way for a New Year focused on good values and keeping families connected, and certainly that is what Digicel is about,” said Peter Lloyd, Marketing Director at Digicel Jamaica.

Meanwhile Head of Marketing at the Jamaica Public Service Company, Tishan Lee noted that the energy company is thrilled to be a partner and to reach its customers through the magazine. “A partnership with Family and Faith magazine provides an excellent platform for us to speak to a cross section of Jamaicans and further our mission to provide an affordable energy solution for every Jamaican. We are thrilled to be among the first partners of this wholesome and worthwhile publication and wish the FFM team tremendous success,” expressed Lee.

In closing, Harris noted that the magazine is staffed by a team of talented and skilled writers, editor, designer and photographer. “We are so very blessed to have the dedication and experience of our team and are excited to see how things will unfold on January 5,” Harris said.


One thought on “Family and Faith Magazine Debuts in January 2015!

  1. Karlene Williams says:

    Luv the magazine so far espically the article about the Redwood family,new years resolution, nutritional habits n Gods ground rules for money.Will b looking forward for the next copy


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